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Friday, 1 June 2012

And . . . relax

The week before a week off is always busy, because you are trying to tie up all the loose ends, plan handovers and all that stuff you need to do to try and not leave a big mess.

We are off to Wales tomorrow, Pembroke to be precise, with surf boards and wetsuits and wellies and shorts and sun screen and waterproofs.  In short, sufficient stuff to cover every eventuality that Wales can throw at you, especially the bit of Wales that faces the Atlantic.

The surfing, I have been reliably informed by an expert, is tremendous where we are going.  Now before you start building images of twenty metre rip curls and a brave surfer moving through the tunnel of water, we are talking, hopefully, 1m waves and boogie boards.  This will still test the talents of Team Scobi, but will hopefully be great fun.  Having wetsuits will really help, not least so that we will actually venture in to the water.

The van is currently on the drive, and while two people did stop on the way back from the pub for a burger, otherwise it has not drawn any negative attention.  It is all but packed, the van and car are washed, the food is bought, the bbq loaded, and all in all we are pretty much ready to go.

During our absence, our drive will be used by the local band (Nigel from round the corner) as their stage, so even in our absence we will have a presence at the street party.

I hope you have a fantastic long weekend.  Until next time.

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