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Monday, 18 June 2012

By your beds

Monday is here again, and I find myself in my second most local Starfleet office, with the expectation of a "Town Hall" session this afternoon.  These sessions are where senior folks talk to the troops, and take questions from the less impudent of them.  This one was to be followed by little drinks, and to be honest my main reason for going was mostly about networking and brown-nosing, although I do want to raise a question and will probably enjoy some higher-ground insight in to the state of the nation.
The only bummer is that it was meant to be led by my leader, but he is now elsewhere and so it will be led by someone else's leader, which should still make it interesting, but may put a stop on my potential question.

The weekend went exactly as we wanted it to go.  Friday night was a success.  We had three seconds and two firsts, so left the ground with more betting money then we arrived.  If only we had not bought any drinks and food then we could probably have called out a financial success also, but of course hunger and thirst are the devil for the bottom line, and so it proved.  We were thirsty, and then we were hungry, and then we were thirsty again, so all in all, it cost us some money, but we had a great time.

The finale of the night was a DJ slot by Dermot O'Leary.  I was not sure exactly what I was expecting, so we happy to receive what was being given, however others in the crowd seemed to have stronger feelings as to what should have been provided it, and in some sections, this was not being provided.  Indeed, one or two were heard to utter "Dermot O'Dreary", which I thought was a bit rum.

Sunday was Fathers' Day, and that meant a lie in until nearly 8am followed by cards and presents, followed by the breakfast of my choosing, limited only by the need for it to be achievable by a six year old.

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