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Wednesday, 13 June 2012


So my France-England score was a bit amiss, but nevertheless the scoreline was pleasing, and a gentle optimism is starting to coarse through a chap's veins.  Either that or coffee.

Tennis tonight, and having played a few times in Wales, I am very much looking forward to playing.  I hope to give the little yellow darlings a right royal pummelling.

On other news, work is going along quite well, and my mind is still continuing to think about "new challenges" within the seemingly vast Starfleet empire.  The problem I have is one of indecision, in that I am not really sure what I want to do next.  A change is on the cards though, so I shall persevere with the kicks up the backside in search of the new thing, and will keep you posted.

Apparently, it has been raining.  Having worked at home Monday and Tuesday, and in the office today, I can't say as I really noticed.  This situation does not seem to be the same for other people in my locale, indeed two areas in West Sussex I know quite well were under water, and not just a large puddle, but full-on proper flooding.  Not at all the kind of summer I had envisaged.

I hope you have sufficient water for your scotch, but not so much it ruins the cricket.

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