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Friday, 15 June 2012

And . . . relax

I am pleased to report that, as my first week back after a holiday draws to an end, that I seem to be broadly in control.  This of course is the most stupid thing a chap could ever admit in public, since any such proclamation would inevitably lead to an avalanche of stuff in which I am very much not in control.

A long time ago, we discussed with David and Samantha the idea of a night at the races.  Being within a couple of miles of Goodwood, that seemed to be the obvious choice.  The final factor was a set of three "DJ Nights" which, for three of the four of us at least, decided it.  We duly booked an evening to watch some racing, then watch Dermot O'Leary spin some platters*.

This all sounds fine and dandy, and indeed, under most normal situations, would be a welcome night out with good friends, however tonight is not a normal night.  England are playing the second of their three Group games, and at least one of the four of us would probably rather be watching our defenders hoofing it up the pitch than some horses hoofing it round a racecourse***.  Ho hum, I have the iPhone Euro 2012 app on my phone, with the neat "drag down the screen to refresh" feature, and that will be how I "watch" the match.  I had better bloody win some races.

Other than that, we plan a fairly quite weekend.  There is the usual Saturday morning sporting activities that will require the Dad Taxi; we will visit Gee Gee in hospital, possibly do a bit more to make the garden presentable, if the weather holds, maybe play Monopoly, and definitely try to get out each day to avoid cabin fever.

I hope your weekend is as action-packed as ours won't be.

* or whatever the kids are saying on the streets** right now
** or wherever it is that they say such stuff
*** See what I did there. Nice.

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