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Saturday, 23 June 2012


Over the last month or so, I have been gently considering why I write a blog, whether I should continue, and just generally what the hell this is all about.

I have all my faithful readers of course, but their numbers have dwindled over the last quarter, and between you and me the advertising department have said that if readership does not increase, the advertising revenue would not fully cover their expense accounts, and the Editor has hinted that he may be looking for a new writer, hinting at Vanessa Feltz or Jordan.  To be honest, both can spell, so it might work.

There is also the question of the purpose of a blog.  It all started, as regular readers will know, from the idea of 750 Words, but that was not even something that I managed to find myself, rather being led to the bright light by Golfy and BadMan.  So I cannot even claim originality on that one.

What I have found though is that the act of blogging does help to tune my writing, and I am not trying to say that I am now as good as, I don't know, Jeremy Clarkson or Jeffrey Archer, but however good or bad the final blog result, I do believe it has improved my business, and personal, writing.  It is probably that thing about daily* practice and I for one enjoy the pleasure of writing and the benefits it brings to other writing-related activities.

There is also the act of mental free-wheeling, of allowing the subconscious a voice, and this bit is most interesting.  I think it will come as a great shock to my readerdingy** when I say that sometimes, now and then, once in a while, I start writing with no idea of what I am actually going to say***.  This is quite an interesting experience, and joking apart, I do think that actually that does give your sub-conscious a voice.

So, as I write one more weekly entry than normal discussing whether I should continue writing a blog, I wish you again a great weekend, and hope that it starts well, and ends better, with an England win.

* To save BadMan saying it, I will write it.  I am not, of course, a daily writer, more like three times a week with a favourable wind.
** Like readership, but not as big.
*** I do trust the intelligence of my reader, but just in case, yes, I was being ironic.

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