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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

insert title here

A cheap trick, but I really REALLY could not think of a title for this blog.  So, what I do is write a load of rubbish, and see where it takes me.

At the end of the second sentence, I still have no idea.  I can tell you that I have just rung room service who will be "thirty to forty minutes" but in practice could well be here in under twenty minutes.  I am hungry, so that is a welcome thought.

So, what was my day like today?  Well, it was busy, full of loose-end tying, and full of unexpected new stuff to consider.  I have a real focus to get stuff done before I disappear in to the sunset tomorrow evening.  And yet.  People keep getting in the way.  People keep tapping me on the shoulder, asking some dumb-@$$ question or other.  As Golfy would say, WTF*.

Room service has just arrived, in under twenty minutes.  I am GOOD.  And the food isn't bad either.  Not great, but good.  With not much choice, I have picked the best of a bad lot.  The check-in guy said I may get a questionnaire, and if I do, then I shall be offering them some words on the menu.  Sorry for the delay, was just eating my pizza, one of only four veggie things on the menu.  As Golfy would say, why the four.  Probably.

I am going to have a quick shower, then probably will retire to my boudoir and read my new book, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.  It turns out I did not know much about this book.  I knew it had been made in to a film, but I did not know that the author had delivered this as one of three manuscripts to his editor, before he promptly dropped dead.  And they had not even been published.  I also did not know, or if I did then I had forgotten, that he was Swedish.  Now, I love a bit of Wallander.  I love the dark, brooding nature of things, and I think, forty pages in, that TGWTDT will be the same.  I think I may have even watched the odd Bergman in my youth.  A colleague at work was also telling me how he liked Swedish films, but that is a different story altogether.

That's all for now folks.  Time to retire with my book.  Have a good evening, and do what ever it is that brings you pleasure.  But not that.

* If you are wondering, this stands for why the fuss.  Apparently.

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