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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Gherkins and quarters

This evening found me at the account quarterly meeting until nearly a quarter to eight, before adjourning to the Gherkin for drinks and nibbles.  I am obviously moving in different circles at the moment to experience such things, but needless to say I need not say less.

It was raining from my office to the meeting, from the meeting to the Gherkin and from the Gherkin to Bank tube station.  Whilst in France I did read about this rain thing, but there is nothing like experiencing it first hand to really understand that, once you have peeled back the glamour, it is basically just cold and wet.  If this is as much as a surprise to you as it was to me, then something or other.  Sorry, lost my train of thought there.  Where was I?  Squirrel.

I think I may go to sleep now.  Will get a few pages of the old novel in before I bid farewell to the day, and will hopefully not wake up until after 6am.

P.S.  Hello to Brad, hope you and Angelina are OK.


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welcome back we missed your thoughts