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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Elementary, my dear Watson

So I read with interest Golfy's review of Inception and will get it on my growing list of films to see.

I also saw his review of the new, Modern Sherlock Holmes.  I seem to be in a minority of one about the show, although that is between, me, LO and Golfy, so still a healthy 33% of the vote.  I didn't like it.  All the fast camera stuff and intensely clever things Holmes noticed left me cold, and I also was unsure about the modern setting.  The only thing I did like was how it was set in modern times, yet at the same time with the chinese circus, it did have a sense of the old at the same time.  Perhaps I need another episode to persuade me.

I am about to take the train to London for my usual Tuesday to Thursday stint, and am looking forward to my porridge tomorrow for breakfast, and also to finishing Thursday evening, getting the train home and packing for our 6.30am departure Friday morning.

Have a good day/week, and speak again later.


Golfy said...

Feel moved to point out that the first episode was better than the second. As a result, I have high hopes for the third and (sadly for now) final episode this week.

a bad man said...

Why would you want a "mould" in your bathroom? I didn't know you made Jelly as a hobby.