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Monday, 23 August 2010

Mould or mold - here's to A Bad Man

Just a quick extra note to A Bad Man who pointed out my potential spelling mistake talking of the fungus-like growth in my shower as mould, when I should have said mold.  It seems that I am in good company, with a lot of people on the web having the same problem, and some of them not even agreeing as to the correct spelling.  I would say that, on balance, using the "mold" spelling would have made me most right as a British person, although I reckon at a push I could still consider myself belligerent and sarcastic (i.e. British) had I spelt it "mould".

I would have expected nothing less from the Bad Man but correctness, and I also wish him a speedy recovering from his hand job (he has been in hospital getting it fixed).

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Golfy said...

I read recently that the same confusion exists around lying and lieing. Personally I go with the former as the latter looks like a travesty of Americanism's. Of course, I could be making this up. ;-)

BTW: The Word verification for this comment post was "tossyph" - very appropriate.