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Wednesday, 25 August 2010


I had a funny old evening.  I had my room service, then fell asleep on the bed watching a thing about a boy who wants to be a model, and who also like all aspects of girl fashion, which is open-minded parents did not mind.  At 11.30pm I awoke, and thought I would put my tray outside my room.  I was a bit drowsy, it has to be said, and that is probably why as I turned to step back in to my room, I found the door had locked behind me.  I was in my socks, but at least I had my trousers on.  I then had no choice but to go and stand in line to speak to reception to get a spare key, in a foyer, if I can remind you, that is like an airport check-in area - large and very busy.

Note to any budding con merchant.  As long as you know the number of the room of your "mark", how long they are staying and the name of their company, you can get the key to their room, at the Cumberland at least.

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