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Friday, 1 March 2013

And . . . relax

Another week over, this one being fairly instantly forgettable.

We have had some good news for Maggot 1, who has managed to get in to his/our first choice school.  It may well be one that some of his good friends will not be going to, so there is an element of parental fretting as to whether we are doing the right thing, since his circle of friends is lovely.  However, we prefer this school to the other choices we have, and even he, the sensible little Maggot that he is, has declared his preference for this school, so hopefully all will be well.  It is a mixed school, so if for no other reason, the totty argument should win out.

This weekend we have a busy Saturday, with Maggot 2 on an "enrichment day" up country, on a 4 hour science workshop.  Having decided that he no longer wants to do football club on Tuesday, because "I don't want to be a professional footballer, I want to be a scientist", hopefully he will really enjoy the session.  As is the process with anything to do with Maggot 2, there has been plenty of "I don't want to go" conversations, however we are picking up and taking his best friend, so hopefully all will be well.  The rest of us then get to have a few hours shopping and the taking of a little light lunch.

In the afternoon and evening, we are at A&E for an evening of fun, food and drink, not necessarily in that order.  Sunday then sees us having lunch out with the outlaws.

Having just written that, I realise what a decadent life we lead.

Hoping your weekend is as decadent, and speak next week.

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