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Monday, 18 March 2013

And . . . relaxed

So relaxed, I forgot to blog.

It was a pretty easy weekend.  We lost at rugby, which was disappointing to say the least, but at least Pompey got a point, to keep them second to bottom.  OK, maybe that is not such good news really.

We played Monopoly too, with a slight twist on the game by playing as four individuals, but in two teams, so we played as four but pooled our money and property.  Maggot 2 and I did, in our opinion win, and using a balanced scorecard approach, however the other team, can't remember their name, won due to the agreed winning method being free cash only at the prescribed and pre-agreed point in time..  Not property.  So, that's the way it goes.  As losses go, it felt pretty good.

The rest of the weekend was normal, and we had the outlaws over for lunch, which was nice.  Toad-in-the-hole in various levels of meat content (but all home-made) and the associated roast dinner veg, plus chocolate roulade for pudding.

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