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Thursday, 28 March 2013

And . . . relax . . .

So here we are on the Thursday before Good Friday, and the Scobi household are busy preparing for a week away in Kent, in the 'van.

As part of Maggot 1's birthday presents, we now have Spotify Unlimited, so can access via Smartphones, Tablets and other devices, 8 million tracks, give or take.  Every device in the house now has a Spotify client, including the Samsung Smart TV, and those capable also have offline content, since the one limitation on Spotify is that we can only have one live streaming connection at a time.  If I am logged in, and someone else then tries to login, they simply boot me off.  This will take a bit of time to bed in and get used to our ways, but is surely the future.  Once we have bought the light bulbs (long, expensive story, probably told you already) then hopefully, in no other appliances fail*, then we will be adding a Sonos to our technology stack, and then LO will really start to be happy with the back room.

I would like to wish you a very happy Easter, however you plan to celebrate it, and ask you to think of us at probably minus something in the 'van, as happy as Larry, as warm as toast, and as chilled as a file Pinot Noir.

Be good, be happy, be gone from here.

* In the last year, that is a dryer, a hoover, a kettle, an iron, a dishwasher, twice**, a tow bar***, a number plate*** and a new wheel lock for the 'van.
** Never buy cheap.  Expensive lesson to learn, but we 'as been an done our learning.
*** Not exactly a failure, rather a change of car

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