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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Cold and bleak

I shouldn't be here, I should be on holiday.  We called it short due to the bleak coldness of the site we had chosen.  Usually, you can find at least one or two kind words to say about anywhere, but I cannot for the site we chose. It was bleak, grim and full of dodgy clientele, dodgy field electrics, cold shower blocks and even the club house, usually something that can fill at least one evening, was of a very low standard.  I have never tasted food like it, and I have eaten in a Little Chef and a Happy Eater, more than once actually, the second time an accident as I was looking for a false leg, but that is another story.

It was, in fact, so uninspiring, I forgot to take any picture, so have had to find one on the web. The picture below is fairly representative.

Note the salient points:
  • It is bloody flat*
  • the grass is all at forty-five degrees - that would be the wind
  • The scenery is, by any measure, without any features to make you smile, or even wince.
We did have a couple of good days out, mind.  The males of the group went go-carting, to the track where Jenson Button learnt his craft, as did Lewis Hamilton, although his association was some what more tenuous.
I have to say, I found my 20 minute drive in forty mile an hour carts absolutely thrilling.  I am a bigish chap, so the seat was very snug, but you need that coz the forces at play are pretty extreme.  I drive on the road with great caution, so was not sure I would very good at all that driving fast and close stuff, but I turned out to be an absolute animal, carving people up, cutting off their line, and bullying them to the inside line at every bend.  I cannot see any career in it for me, but the thrill of that speed just a few inches off the ground and, once courage had improved, taking the long fast bend with all four tyres sliding is something I shall remember for a while.  The Maggots loved it too, and were desperate to go again, but we agreed that too much carting makes a man feel prudent, and then goodbye to happiness.

We also have a lovely day in Canterbury, which due to it having some buildings, and very nice ones at that, was a bit less windy.  Canterbury Cathedral, even with a charge to enter, was an amazing building, and even had some Tudor connections, so we are able to chalk it up to another on the Tudor trail.

* so flat, in fact, that when they did trenches across fields, which they do a lot to aid water drainage, it being a marsh and all, anyway, when they dig trenches they have to put flashing lights on top of the mound of earth since its height would be a danger to flying craft.

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