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Friday, 26 April 2013

And . . . relax

Not much to report.

Weekend is going to be fairly quiet, though we are at David and Samantha's for the evening, so not really sure what I mean by "fairly quiet" coz it will likely be noisy and very very messy, but fun.

Fishing update: little bit of light rain crept in at 4pm, but still can change between now and then.

Very sad news from A&E, our 'vannin' buddies, who had their 'van stolen overnight Wednesday/Thursday.  They store it at a friends farm, which has pretty good security because he runs a business from the outbuildings, but obviously not enough to deter the thieves, who cut through an outer fence and stole everything, except, bizarrely, A's apron (which she uses each morning when cooking the fried eggs for the obligatory fried-egg-sandwich breakfast).  Inside it had their (expensive) memory foam topper, TV, radios, awning, bike rack and all the usual gear you have in a second home.  They, and we, are gutted.  If anyone offers you a Lunar 'van going cheap, let us know. 

Seriously though, the advice from the police was to keep an eye on the internet.  My theory is that there is some unworthy family somewhere who now have a new fully-furnished home.  As you know, a chap of my breeding is not prone to swearing, at least not in front of the ladies, or the horses, but, to be honest, bastards.  Really gives you an unwanted dose or reality.  Damn them.

Have a great weekend, and speak next week.

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