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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Surprise, what surprise?

The surprise party was not such a surprise.  It appears that father-in-law, when under the influence, may have blurted out the details of the "surprise" party to mother-in-law.  Consequently, she had her hair in a modern take on a beehive and dressed to the nines.  Not, I think you will agree, the usual behaviour of someone "just popping over for a quiet evening".

The evening itself went well.  The curries went down well, even if the paneer got a sneer.  Luckily the beer flowed, with Kev alone, he being the uncle who built our extension, having a raging thirst and downing his own body-weight in Becks alone.  Father-in-law's three brothers went to the final Pompey home game of the season, one that ended very satisfactorily at three-nil to Pompey.  Combined with the news that the 10 points are deducted this season, since we are now out of administration, just topped a great week.

We can now look forward to League Two football, but with a clear bank balance, a fresh start with a Supporters' Trust running the show, led, as it happens, but an employee of Starfleet.  Bring it on.

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