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Monday, 15 April 2013

To Do Lists

We had a great weekend.  Brad and Angelina and their flock stayed the weekend.  The Maggots setup a camp in the front room, with sofa cushions on the floor and various blankets and snugglies propped up with chairs and sticks and pegs for a roof.  So much did they like it, that they slept the night there.  That freed up 2 beds for LO and me so everyone was happy, and they certainly enjoyed their den.
A fantastic evening of chat and food and beer and wine, followed by some vodka chasers, courtesy of home-made red-something and lemon vodkas from two years' of A&E Christmas Hampers.

Also, inspired by BadMan, I thought I would share my small victories on the to do list front.

Fix the under-sink door in kitchen (wood in which top hinge screws in perished, due to excessive weight of back-of-door-carrier-bag bin).  Tick.

Prune apple tree.  Tick (though not one LO deems particularly high on the list, but then she does not have to pick up apples in Autumn).

Buy plaster for shot plaster in hall.  Tick (OK, so maybe doing it would really get the tick, but now I can do it at my leisure).

Fix DAB radio issue.  Tick.  Interesting one this.  As part of the requirements to get the building certificate for our extension, we need to convert 75% of lights to low energy, something that our electrician should have known, but did not, and being a friend of my father-in-law, politically sensitive to point out said error.  I have had to do a lot of research, and basically unless your transformer is specifically designed to run a low energy LED light, you might get flickering.  Ours are not, so we do indeed get flickering.  What we also get is interference.  When the LED lights are on, the DAB reception stops.  Now, this may be a measure of running on transformers not designed for LED, or it may be that we chose at the cheaper end of the LED spectrum, or it may not be either of these.  Anyway, we have, at least, solved the DAB reception problem that had caused most of our radios to stop working.

We have sort of planned to use the May Bank Holiday weekend as a bit of a DIY catch-up.  We have also gently considered 'vannin' in the Forest instead, an idea awoken in no small part by the great weather we experienced yesterday, when we took a pretty long walk up and round Kingley Vale, which, after 2 late nights for Maggot 1 and 2 very late night for the rest of us, was something of a stretch.  I suspect that our heads will vote for DIY, and our hearts for 'vannin', and it will probably come down to how much stress we have leading in to the break.  If we are overrun with stuff, then getting sorted for a trip may be too much.  If not, then who knows.

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