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Friday, 12 April 2013

Good news

I have thus far forgotten to share with you the great news that Pompey, after a terrible couple of years being stitched up by a fairly large number of people who should not have passed the "Fit and Proper" FA test, has finally hit rock bottom, and is looking to start the upward descent.

The news is, as if I need to tell all you Pompey diehards, that the court case has managed to settle valuation of the ground, which the owner had thus far used to hold the club to ransom, setting it way above market value to a number that, in his mind, he is actually owed.  The court case has now determined the true value of the ground, or rather the threat of the final stage of the court case has forced the current owner to settle out of court, and so the Portsmouth Supporters Trust are now in a position to buy the ground, and also to then take over the running of the club.

We are the largest fan-owned club in the land, which may say more about the other fan-owned clubs than it does about Pompey, but what the heck, we are free, and hopefully can build the club, which has always been the heart and soul of its local community, in to something of which we can all be proud.  If they can build it based on sound financial principles, and build slowly and carefully avoiding any reckless acts, or any Nazi salutes, then I think we may just have turned a corner.

The road back up, if indeed we want and are able to go up, will be long and painful, but it will be a lot more fun to experience than the series of very painful downs that we have experienced since we won the FA Cup.

Actually, that sounds utterly absurd.  What the hell did we think we were doing winning the cup?  I guess the answer is there to see; we mortgaged, literally as well as figuratively, our future.

Let's hope that is all fully behind us, that all the skeletons have been found in all the cupboards, and that every step we take from this point on is forwards, and done with integrity and pride.

Over and out.

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