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Thursday, 18 April 2013


I am tacking the shot plaster in the hall.  It is not a big patch, but they can sometimes be tricky getting it to seamlessly blend in to the existing without a lump or dip.  A professional would simply do it right first time, but I prefer the "put it on and sand it off, and repeat" process, which has produced a fine finish.

The only fly in the ointment is that a bit I repaired does not seem to have taken, giving the appearance of early shotting basically.  This is a worry, since there is no obvious crack on the outside render to suggest water ingress, yet at the same time one cannot ignore the fact that the plaster did not take. If I can get half an hour at lunchtime I will clear it out and apply another coat, by way of experimenting as to whether this is a one off or recurring problem.

We have a surprise party this weekend, so don't tell anyone.  This means LO spent about 5 hours yesterday evening making a selection of wonderfully scented and rather delicious looking curries.  I requested that sufficient quantity was made to ensure that Sunday supper was sorted too, and judging by the pans in the fridges, I think my wish may well come true.

I listened with interest that Brighton and Hove are considering setting up "shooting galleries" where addicts can go to take their drugs in a clean and safe environment.  Listening to the report, I can see the logic, but am also struck by the difficulty with state-condoned illegality.  To me, this contrasted rather awkwardly with the other story of note, the severely disabled man who wants to be able to die when he wants, but to do so would require direct intervention from a doctor, since he is totally paralysed.  He is looking for a change in the law so that that doctor would not then be prosecuted for murder.  A situation where the state is not ready to legally allow what some may call an "illegality". 

We also watched Britain's Got Talent, something I unashamedly enjoy, and something that, on reflection, is a sort of televisual shooting gallery; totally addictive junk that does you no good, and something on which everyone has an opinion.

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