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Thursday, 2 May 2013


Brad and I had a great day fishing.  To qualify that, it was probably a day that will be measured as a good day for the fish, since now were killed, injured or even in fact bothered all day.  This ought to translate in to not such a good day for the fishermen, however it was a lovely day, the scenery was broadly lovely*, and the company very agreeable, so really whether or not we caught anything seemed to be of very little consequence in determining the pleasures of the day.  I was also able to schedule my sandwich eating throughout the first half of the day thus creating almost zero stress on the food front as well.

We ended up on the small lake, probably almost a large pond, and definitely my favourite, which real "big fish" anglers shun due to it having carp only up to 5-10 pounds, but us lesser mortals, who prefer action to size, are happy to fish.  The fact that we did not get much action was, as already discussed, not a great downer on the day.  Brad has never yet "drawn a blank" on this pond, so a small piece of history was written that day.
Mid afternoon, we were joined by a guy on the lake who had moved only coz the other lake was colder, and he proceeded to catch three fish, the second so big he could not land it himself so I nipped round to his swim to assist with landing, to talk bait and to get a bit of his luncheon meat to use as bait.  Even then we did not get much - a few bites but no fish - and so when he left, we jumped in to his swim to fish the two places he had already baited up, and on my last cast, I did hook a fairly large-feeling fish that broke my line.  So, a sad story of the one that got away.

The plan for the rest of the year is to aim to go evening fishing, with me working at an office nearer to the lakes, possibly bunking off, if not early, then on timeish, and us getting a few hours evening fishing in, which is likely to be the most productive part of the day, and does not need holiday to be taken.  Basically, not much more than a night out, and I don't have many, or even any, of those at the moment.

* there is a train track within 100m of the smallest lake, but just like people who live near trains, have very loud clocks or whose partner perpetually nags, after a while you just stop hearing it.  I did nearly jump out my skin when one passing train sounded its horn, but then I can jump at adverts, so I may not be the best yard-stick as to the intrusion of said horn. 

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