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Monday, 20 May 2013

On the home straight

A full week ahead before we have five days in the Isle of Wight.  The 'van is on the drive, and I have already completed a few fix ups, getting the loose blind support firmly back in place (thanks to a dollop of sealant) and the dangling fly screen on one of the re-sprung and returning to the top as nature intended.  I have also tested the hydraulic jack given to me by Scobi senior, and it is superior to my incumbent jack, so has now taken its place.  To be honest, they both do the job, but the new one is easier to pump up (rather than turn, with some effort required) and is lighter.  I have filed the old one in the shed, just in case I have made a wrong choice.

I now need to try and find time in the week to clean it, and the car, ready for an earlyish departure Saturday morning.

Our weekend was quiet, as planned, with a lovely "pick 'n' mix" tea Saturday night with the maggots, consisting of bread, cheese and many accompaniments that is, it has to be said, not of the lowest of calories, but certainly is the highest of pleasures.  Washed down with beer and a glass or red, my evening was setup nicely.  We even managed to avoid the Eurovision Song Contest, which seems to have gone well, though not for England.  Nineteenth out of twenty-six is pretty good going, and I am sure the work will help Bonnie to pay for her dentures or replacement hip or something, what with her not getting her pension for another four years.

This week, I shall be mostly tidying up loose ends.

Have a good week, and speak again soon.

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