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Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Had a good day yesterday.  Sorted a lot of work bits, gained a few during the day also, including one that is a good example of how our organisation is setup to fail by our customer.  A demo of a mobile app has been promised to the board on a certain date, and rather late in the day a request for assistance has been raised, with very keen dates, none of which feel doable.  This could have been avoided if the customer's partner were to have got us involved a bit earlier.  This is not untypical, and we will do what we can to minimise disappointment, and manage expectations beyond that, because that is what we do.

On the home front, I took the nearly unprecedented decision yesterday to award myself with a lunch break, for good behaviour and all, and managed to get the 'van washed ready for our holiday.  Having fixed the blinds yesterday, I am beside myself with feelings of goodwill towards the little darling.  After all, I need to prepare it for a big trip in the summer.  Which reminds me, I need to move the 'van service to when we have it at home.

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