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Tuesday, 7 May 2013


We had a fantastic long weekend, which really felt like a holiday.  We did not do anything particularly exciting, bit of Ikea, bit of beach, bit of gardening, bit of DIY (in fact, a lot of DIY, finishing a number of little jobs) and just generally a bit of family time, kicking back and relaxing.

So relaxed, in fact, that none of us really wanted to return to the real world.  It will pass, and so, hopefully, will the wind, caused, I am reliably informed, but the jalapenos on our home-made pizzas last night.  Either that, or the barrel-load of beer.

This week is one of this cool four day weeks, which means that Friday will be here a day early, and this weekend we are off to London, but won't say more, only coz that will give me something to blog on Friday.

Have a great week, and enjoy the weather while you can.

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