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Friday, 24 May 2013

And . . . relax

We are in the last day of working, which means for me tying up as many loose ends as I can, and for LO it is doing all the post-even analysis of their OFSTED visit, and trying to bring some semblance of order after the whirlwind of the visit.  It is the last day of half term, so how bad can it get.

The Maggots are similarly motivated, and will likely be doing reading and video type last-day-of-term activities to ease them in to the half term.

We then have an immense evening tonight.  All the events of the week have robbed us of evenings to prepare for the trip, so it will all need to be done tonight, with packing, cooking and general household chores to be completed before beer and TV are consumed, in roughly equal measures.  We must also ensure we have all our favourite shows recorded (The White Queen looks a must, there is another Tudor show as well, and The Fall - not the always-changing-always-the-same, erstwhile Mancunian band, but rather a pretty decent and shocking drama with Gillian Anderson, who plays, apparently, an enigma.  Not sure about that, but I would...) and that things are ship-shape before we depart.

I hope that you have a good long weekend, and speak in a week or two.  Actually, I may well try to blog during my holiday, now I have an app and everything.

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