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Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Snow; what's the point in it?  It is cold, then it is wet, it messes up my garden, buggers up the roads, delays commuters and stops normal stuff from working properly.

In the round, it has about as much use as wasps.  Maggot 2 commented, in our last sunny-but-very-cold day that the advantage of such days was "there are no wasps".  A boy of insight to be sure, and very much a chip off the old block.

Well, Brad and I had to cancel fishing.  Feels-like-minus-ten is colder than this little bunny likes to endure, even when reaching for the frozen peas, and with the snow doing its disrupting the traffic act, a management decision was made to cancel, and go for our backup day in a couple of weeks.  We book both off just in case, since cancelling holiday last minute is, as has been said before, easier than trying to book it.

So, we are now tracking the long-term forecasts for Tuesday 26th March, hoping that a 45% chance of precipitation with a 55% confidence factor means two halves of nothing useful.

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