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Monday, 25 March 2013

What a weekend

It was a very good, if busy, weekend.  Maggot 1's birthday party went well, if it was rather "high energy".  It started with LaserQuest at an tatty industrial estate just opposite Starfleet Portsmouth actually, in an area that one of Maggot 1's friends described delightfully as "a bit gangster".

This involved running round a dark "play zone" (you know, slides and climbs and rope walks all framed by oodles of padding) trying to shoot people with laser guns.  As you can imagine, the primeval aspect of living and dying plus the general hysteria of a darkened room, flashing lights and very loud music made them very excitable.  And when I say very, I say that only because the English language has not yet found a work that means more than very, other than very very, or very very very.

 Then it was back to ours for Skyfall and food, consisting of every food group; fat, sugar and crap.  Having wound them up giving them guns to shoot people, this was an unruly affair, with one of the friends in particular being very disruptive.  It got to 9.30pm and they were just starting to apply SAS hand-to-hand combat techniques to each other when we finally called time, split them in to two groups and took them home.

Having spent all evening without a beer* I had imagined returning home and cracking open a tinnie, but to be honest even I had had enough by then, so instead it was get the kids to bed and retire ourselves to watch about  2 minutes of Jonathan Ross before we fell asleep.

The following day we went up to Newbury to visit Brad and Angelina.  We had a great day there, culminating, after a very cold and very short walk, with "high tea", a delectable mix of crumpets, scones and Victoria sponge, with lashings of tea.  Lovely.

Brad and I also had plenty of time to discuss our fishing trip tomorrow, culminating in the (very sensible) decision to postpone for another 3 weeks when the weather will, surely, be slightly warmer and more amenable to sitting on the side of a lake catching lots of fish**.

Now it is Monday, and I am back to a 4 day week, rather than a 1 day week followed by a 2 day week.  Friday morning we are off in the 'van to Kent, goodness knows where but Tom Tom does, for a week of fun in the sun** and general 'vannin' escapades.

* I know, Saturday night, no beer, what is the world coming to
** optimism being preferable to realism at times like this

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