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Monday, 11 March 2013

Illness and coping strategies

Maggot 2, known for his frequent three-day viral attacks, had one late last week.  This meant that we needed to revert to an emergency footing, made so much easier because my parents are home from Spain*.  Luckily, the hallucinations happened on Friday and by Sunday, when we were due to visit my sister and her family, we were all well enough** to be together as we drove up to Bromley.

We had a good time up at their new house of a few months.  This was previously owned by "amateur property developers" who, it has to be said, must still have been at the planning stage when they sold, since it just about had a kitchen*** but otherwise was a fairly tatty house, with dodgy carpets and some questionable paintwork.  At least my sister can look to do her own bit of "amateur property development" with some simple flooring and paint activities to bring the house in to this century.

We left their house just after five and were home by about seven, which was just what we needed to ensure we had time to do all our preparations for the week ahead.

Once the chores were out the way, it was fire, onesies and the Strictly Come Ice Dancing final, a perfect show for when you want to read the Sunday papers.

I am meant to be fishing tomorrow, but have written to Brad to suggest that maybe, just maybe, we should let sense prevail over our "we'll be OK" general approach to life, and I am awaiting his response with cold trepidation.

* albeit only until today, when they plan to fly from Heathrow to Brazil for a cruise up the Amazon or something.
** LO and Maggot 1 were not 100%, LO being on anti-biotics and Maggot 2 "just not feeling quite right".
*** I say just about since it was a case of throwing up a few cupboards, rather than actually planning it, so that my sister still needs to store most of her food in boxes on the floor.

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a bad man said...

But there is that brief perfect moment when you stand on you own, in silence, looking out over a white world. Every blemish is covered, everything looks new and bright under a blanket of fresh snow.

For me that is the point ... a mental re-boot and reminder of how wonderful nature truly is.

Oh, and I quite like wasps too. Have you ever looked closely at a Hornet and seen what a truly fantastic beast it really is?