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Friday, 28 June 2013

And . . . relax

We have a "quiet" one this weekend.  Just the Maggots sporting clubs, followed by lots of nothing.  To be precise, nothing involving others, so we will be suiting ourselves and getting on with homely stuff.  I, probably, will be mowing the lawn, having fed it yesterday just before the rain.  LO will be administering to the much and many activities that need doing to keep the household functioning, and the Maggots will be reproducing Wimbledon in the garden with their "two garden chairs and a rope" net and sticks and Crocs and even a skateboard to mark the lines.

We seem to be stuck in a bit of a rush at the moment.  It really does feel like those times when you are "abroad with work".  It may sound romantic and exotic, and may even draw a "lucky bugger" from some, but for those of us who have done it, we know that it is all about transport terminals, taxis, hotel rooms and business premises.  All exceedingly functional aspects, but none designed to be admired or to deliver any sort of aesthetic pleasure.  This is how our life feels at the moment.

The truth is, it is about a month until the Summer holidays, which, as I have said before, means 75% of the Scobi household stop their school-based activities.  We are all looking forward to this, and to our fantastic holiday.  My only fear is that sometimes, looking forward to something too much makes you forget to enjoy the now, and also when you get there it is not nearly as great as you had imagined it.

So, I wish you all a good weekend, and hope that you can practice some mindfulness that allows you to find pleasure in the present and not just in the future.  Sounds like good advice, may try and take it myself.

Until next week.

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