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Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Tuesday's child is full of grace, and so am I.  Modesty is another one of my attributes.  As is my attribute.

Anyhow, Maggot 2 had a hospital appointment today and that went well, even if, at ten to ten, I suddenly realised I did not know where in the hospital we needed to go for the ten fifteen appointment.  Poor planning undoubtedly, and a quick call to LO, actually, a quick four calls, one voice mail and a text to LO, confirmed that she did not have her phone on her.  I rang her school, but that was engaged, so in panic, I decided to turn up at the hospital and hope that some divine intervention intervened.  She may not have been completely divine, but the nice lady on the main reception did have a computer and was able to look us up and, wonder of wonders, point us to the appropriate department.

A quick jog over to the other side of the hospital and we were presenting ourselves at the reception window.  As it turned out, we needn't have rushed since they were "running a bit late".  Nevertheless, we were out of there in under an hour and Maggot 2 was skipping along the main corridor in to his classroom twenty minutes later.

We do need to have one further follow up blood test, but all seems to be well, and very thankful are we in the Scobi household.

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