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Friday, 28 June 2013


Just a footnote.  Or nosenote.  I have had a headache, ranging from bad to head splitting, though not, I am guessing, anywhere near migraine status, but at times bad nonetheless. 

This headache started Tuesday afternoon, and on Friday morning, as I write this, it is just starting to fade.

My conclusion yesterday was that it was my sinuses.  Without giving too much yucky detail, I had some tension each side of my nose and the occasional "gurgle" from these positions, so me and Uncle Google reckoned it might well be related to my sinuses.

So I nipped down to the chemist yesterday to get some Sinutab and some menthol crystals (menthol, steam, bowl, towel) to help, and I think they have worked.  There was a slightly unpleasant moment an hour after taking the first Sinutab when I had a nasty taste in my mouth, which I concluded was my sinuses draining.  Anyway, just to report that I seem to be feeling better today.  Hurrah.

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