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Monday, 3 June 2013


I am about to start one of those 5-day week thingys, and it all feels very strange.

Weekend was good.  Treated the shed and back fence and ran out of fluid.  Went for clear, and wondering whether a colour would have given the visual impression I had done anything.  One to ponder.

Otherwise, enjoyed the weather all weekend.  David and Samantha came over Saturday night for an early (4-10pm) meal, and we had a lovely hour in the garden drinking poo (the girls) and beer (me and David).  It could not have been more lovely, and the meal was not to shabby either.

This week I will be mostly getting back on top after a bit of time off.  I plan to re-energise some of the improvement projects that have stalled of late, and generally spring-clean my to-do list and by so doing, get myself in to the mood for some job hunting.

I hope your week is equally as productive.

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