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Thursday, 13 June 2013

mid week

I went fishing on Tuesday evening.  I know, a weekday, and fishing.  This became the only way that Brad and I were able to get some fishing in without taking holiday or impacting our family arrangements.

It was a very successful evening.  I lost a big one to a broken hook length (note to self: need stronger hook lengths), I then landed a beauty at nine and a quarter pounds, mirror carp, that made me very happy.  At the end of the evening, I hooked a beauty, judging by the bend in the rod and what we could see as it came to the surface.  We nearly had it in the net, but it managed to drive back away from the bank, and at that critical moment, my rod snapped.  I know, what kind of cheap cr@p was I using?  I think we can conclude that it was too cheap for the situation.  So, now I need to consider either borrowing from Brad, or buying new, and we are meant to be running a very tight spending ship leading up to our holiday, so not sure I will get clearance from finance for any such purchase.  Having said that, I have found that the chinese water drop treatment can be quite effective, resulting in a "for #### sake, just go and buy the bloody thing!" type response.

We trialed hemp (with chilli additive) on this trip, and while it is hard to prove a negative, we both caught, so damn if it must have worked.  I shall be getting some more ready for our Riversidelakes trip, and can barely wait.  Brad is considering running a trial, him without hemp, to see whether it works or not, but I know the lure of black magic will eventually be too strong for him, and he will come over the hemp side in due course.

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