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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Clearing the backlog

I am now part of the backlog-clearing team.  When I was flicking channels earlier I caught a bit of Grotty Britain, or whatever it is called, narrated by John Sergeant, which follows the dirt-buster team of Birmingham.  The scene showed one of the stars using a long stick to clear down the machine that removes the lumpy bits from the sewerage, so his day was a bit like mine.

I have just finished my meal, humus followed by pizza all washed down by a couple of diet cokes.  Not bad, not good, but not bad.

I shall now spend the evening chilling out, and will catch the documentary on Scientology later.  I read an article about this in the Sundays and it was fascinating.  I shall refrain from giving my opinion lest I offend any readers, but I have to say that I think they are an evil bunch.  I had an experience of them when I was in Australia.  Having just completed six months as a telemarketer, I guess me and my girlfriend at the time were a bit more open to street sellers, so when some people asked us if we wanted to have an assessment, we said why not.  We were taken upstairs to a room, and were shown a video for about 15 minutes together, before we were separated and taken to two separate tables for our "assessment".  We did a questionnaire and we were then give some counseling on the results.  I was able to baffle my assessor with gobledegook, whereas my girlfriend was given a really hard time, so hard in fact that I went over to sit with her.  Several times her assessor asked me to take a seat at the other end of the room but I declined, and once I realised how distressed my girlfriend was getting, I grabbed her arm and we left.  She was in a real state, feeling really concerned that the assessment had uncovered some real personality flaws.  When we compared our two graphs, they were almost identical, and that made her feel much better.
Later in our hostel, we were relaying the experience to the owner, and she told us of a couple of friends of hers that had also had some negative experiences of the group.  Now, that is only one experience, however it does seem similar to other stories I have read from others who experienced their recruitment techniques. 

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