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Monday, 20 September 2010

That Madness song

I am a bit of a believer in bits of NLP, especially the stuff that says if you spend your day saying "today is going to be miserable" then the forces of a yet to be defined piece of physics work to try and make a day that would have otherwise have been average, turn a little the worse.  

And this is why I am not prepared to name the Madness song about how they expect their day to start.  Needless to say that my stint of being "emergency re-prioritised" is at an end and today sees me back at my old account.  Off to London tomorrow but today at home, wondering the best (i.e. most effective for my contribution, sanity and general usefulness to the account) way to re-engage with my colleagues.  I think the next couple of week will be instrumental in determining my true "status", as anyone who has yet to cancel their Facebook account would put it.  In fact, it may well be the period when I start humming the Clash song "Should I stay or Should I go?", which will probably bring a smile to the inside of my face.  It may also be a variation of that mind trick you are taught that when faced by an angry or unreasonable person, just imagine them naked and you cannot then take them seriously.  Having tried this once or twice, I can report from the front line that it can be in equal measures effective, vomit-inducing and utterly discomforting to do this, the precise mix of that heady cocktail depending on the attributes of the person to which you are applying the technique.  i.e. your fifty-five year old male boss engenders a different internal response than a young (that is, younger than me) female colleague.  The latter of course could be construed as both sexual harassment and "typical man" depending on the extent of the imaginings.

In case it is occurring to you like it is just occurring to me, I did watch, for the first time, the film Up at the weekend, so I may have unwittingly recharged my squirrel gland.  As for the film, rather good actually.

I also watched Ghost, which has Ewan McGregor and Pierce Brosnan and was also a pretty good film, with one of those trying-not-to-be-predictable endings that are almost too cool for their own good.

So, another week, another chance to shine, and to become the fulsome human being, reaching my potential and at one with my spiritual and physical being.  Think I may have gone too far this time.

Until next time.

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Stretch Armstrong said...


At least you didn't watch the other Ghost film with Demi Moore