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Monday, 6 September 2010

The Park at the Centre

Me and my family and my family's family spent a rather splendid time at a place that I shall not mention due to advertising limitations, but if you can read, and you can think, then the clue is in the title.

I have to say that we have a great time.  The service was absolutely fabulous, the accommodation was splendiforous and the experiences were vertiginous.  The latter is a reference to "The Treetop Challenge".  All I can say is that I was shamed by a four year old girl, several boys under ten and, to cap it all, my very own maggot spawn aged eight. 

The Treetop Challenge is pretty well named, although I have written on my feedback form the suggestion that it be re-named the "Why the #### am I in the Treetop Challenge" since I was absolutely petrified.  The single rope bit was just the most frightening thing I have done except for when I stupidly jumped out of a plane, but that is another story.  The final bit of "fun" was to be attached to a decending machine and told to jump off the platform from about 25 metres up, with the mechanism of the machine slowing you down as you neared the bottom, but not doing so much for you at the top, with the heavier you are meaning the faster you fall.  I did make a personal pledge to shed a few pounds, and I was also unable to stand up when I hit the ground, and "hit" is not too strong a word for it.  Nevertheless, I shall never be doing it again.

We are hoping to see Brad and Angelina next weekend, when I intend to share in very great detail the pleasures of the treetop, and also to get their view on the said holiday destination, since they are themselves fans of it.

Until next time.

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Golfy said...

Have signed you up for "Go Ape". Sounds like just your cup of tea: YouTube Link