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Monday, 20 September 2010

On the edge

No, not some caffeine overdose, unlike dear old Golfy who needs to watch what he is ingesting.

You know the feeling.  You are on a roller-coaster of some persuasion, probably best if it is somewhere hot like Florida, or California, or maybe even west of Paris, or somewhere else altogether.  You are at the start of the ride, and everything is pretty straightforward, but you are right at the top and just about to go over the edge in to the first and biggest drop.  

Well, that is where I am just now, on Monday evening just waiting to go over the edge in to Tuesday morning, when I shall be in London and probably getting all the roller-coaster stomach in mouth sensations as well.  

Am I building it up too much?  Of course, where would the fun be without a bit of imagination.  Fear is false experience appearing real and all that, and anyway, I have had a sense of how normal life can be so I have a right to be a bit concerned about how things will go back on the old account.  And I have a tricky solution that should have been done months ago by others, but has not for many good and bad reasons, and right now I only have half a boozers what is needed, and I know that I will need to speak to my customer to get the other half, and that will require the eating of a large slice of humble pie, and also with the expectation that I might get shouted at a bit.  

I hope your day is going well, and that tomorrow follows the same pattern.

Ta ta for now.

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Golfy said...

Ahhh.... You're comments are working again. Hooray!! Just wish I could remember what it was I was going to rant at you about. We will discuss "Unthinkable" at some point, but that wasn't it.