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Friday, 24 September 2010

Time for the little ones

I spent the first part of this morning taking the maggots to school, and attending a "Six Weeks In" session for Maggot 2's reception class parents.  And much fun it was too.  A few "games" to break the ice, and give us parents some of the key messages about partnership.  The presenter was an amazing woman, who I just happened to be married to.  She does this as part of her job, but for another district, so as a Parent Governor she gives her time for free to run a similar session for the Reception year.  What a woman.

We then went to see our maggots in their native classroom habitat, and that was fine until we had to leave, when Maggot 2 had one of his world-famous paddies, and had to be gently restrained so we could beat a hasty retreat.  Having been the restrainer on more than one occasion, I know it does not last long, and in fact his teacher, the fabulous Mrs G, has just rung and all is well with the little one. 

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