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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Saturday morning

It is, as the title suggests, Saturday morning.  Maggot 1 is on cub camp for the weekend, Maggot 2 has a bit of unwellness going on, which led to the usual bed swapping routine at an unholy hour of the night.  Today we are hoping to do the rounds of some establishments to get paint charts (for a repaint of bedroom) and to visit reclaim yards to see what the market has on offer in the reclaimed doors front, an external door to replace our front door with something that has stained glass, and an internal door for the new extension, which, I should add, is potentially several months away from even starting, but us Librans, apart from being very sceptical about astrology (you've used that one before, but I guess the old ones are the best. Ed.), do like to be organised early.  This will unfortunately depend to a certain extend on whether Maggot 2 is still ill today, since we do not want to drag him round the countryside if it makes him iller, since we have a rather tight schedule next week.

We watched a video last night called Unthinkable, with Samuel L Jackson as a sort of good guy, playing a Black Ops specialist whose main skill was the art of torture.  It was shocking and unexpected in several parts, and actually for a plot that read as "another one of those Armageddon-countdown thrillers" was, for me at least, pretty good.  I think it was dealing with the "ugly side of the war on terrorism" or some such thing.  It certainly was not comfortable viewing, simply due to the extreme violence, but enough said in case I be accused of spoiling the plot.  Would I recommend it to you?  To be honest, I am not sure.  Probably yes just so we can discuss it a bit.

We did a three for a tenner deal at Blockbuster, and with a free weekend for the first time in about four months, we will be watching that one with Clooney as a guy who flies all the time giving people the sack, and thinks he is happy but we know different.  Can't remember its name, and to be honest the case is over the other side of the room, and I cannot be bothered to get up and read it.  I should add that I am currently snuggled under a duvet watching CBBC with Maggot 2, and do not want to destroy the cozy situation.

So I shall bid you a happy weekend, and let's catch up next week.

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