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Saturday, 25 September 2010

A weekend of quality time

LO is off with, um, can't remember what pseudonym I have previously given to her, so let's call her Female1.  Anyhow, LO is off with Female1 to a day cookery course in Corfe Castle, to learn to cook fresh pasta.  I cannot wait to be the guinea pig for all her experiments.

I am therefore looking after the maggots.  I intend to meet up with Male1 later for lunch, then swimming.  Prior to that I will be taking Maggot 1 to tennis, and nipping in to town with Maggot 2 to get his nursery picture, which is in for mounting and framing, and to get me a pair of swimming goggles.  My last pair got lost at the pool.  I can only guess that there is a fair old current in the pool and they are, as we speak, blocking some outlet vent, or more likely being worn by a pool cleaner.

In the meantime, us lads are all together, and planning maybe a quick game on the Wii.  The game chooses itself really, since it is one of the few that meets the requirements of a) being playable by 3 people, and b) not causing massive arguments.  Actually b) is always touch and go, so we will have to see.  Anyhow, the game will be Fifa 2009, although we actually play a secondary game on there that is 8-a-side football with little kid-like characters, mostly because we can play on opposing teams, and that does reduce the arguments by an order of magnitude.

In the evening, Male1 and Female1 are coming round for dinner.  That even could mean a lot of work for me, but actually Male1 has cooked a thai curry that they are bringing round for us all to share.  If he can only bring round 2 crates of beer and a couple of bottles of red, he will officially be the most perfect guest of all time.

Have a good weekend, enjoy any sunshine you can find, and speak again Monday.

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