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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

What's in a day?

I may start to purposely invent obscure and abstract titles for my blogs, since I sure as hell can't think of an obvious and concrete one.

What my title was trying to get at is a reflection on my day.  Please feel free to let me know via the comments whether you think I succeeded*.

So as late as this afternoon, I was working 80% on one account and 20% on another account.  Now I may be a pale shade of green about the gills, but even I know that that kind of arrangement would probably turn in to 100% on one account and 50% on the other, but that is the peril of continuing employment - they just simply cannot get enough of you, which is a compliment if you think about it**.

By the end of the day, it has all changed.  I am now only 100% working on one account, and 0% working on the other account.  And in this instance, due to the fact that I have been told I am working too many hours on the first account***, I am actually likely to be only working on it 100-120%.  I also have to reduce my expenses, and at the same time be in the office every day.  Had this message not been communicated to me by two colleagues, both of whom are usually sane, sensible and honest, I would have imagined that they had actually walked in to the first reading of Catch-22 - the stage play" by a number of commanders who had nothing better to do.  Such is the conflicting advice that is dished out on a daily basis.  To illustrate further - we have just finished a six month process to remove those who could retire early, and then those who had had enough, and finally those who of whom Starfleet had had enough.  The remaining troopers are feeling bruised and battered, and in need of a little tlc.  However, this week they published a news item distributed to all UK employees offering us the chance to earn a bonus if we recommend a friend for a job in Starfleet.  Now what is that all about? 

* I hardly think I need to remind you, but working on the principle you are both simple and have poor memories, I wanted to remind you that the usual rules of commenting are in place - keep it real, and there are two S's in to$$er.

** I know, I have been over-dosing on that NLP again.  I just cannot get enough of it.  Actually, that is not good, the brain does not hear "cannot", so I should instead have said "I can get an infinite amount of that".  There, that's better.

*** Those of you who like to be logical about these things may well be thinking that if they didn't keep coming up with stupid bits of work to do, I may well have been able to do less hours.

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