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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Half way through

I find myself at Wednesday, and that represents a high point rather than a dip, although that then suggests Friday is lower than Wednesday which is also not right, so maybe it is really an upward slope to Wednesday, then flat until Friday at 4pm, then a steep rise which statisticians call the yippee! peak.

I am on a conference call that is a daily routine call.  It is very necessary for our process, however the very fact that it is repeating and a call that is like the torch at the end of the tunnel, bringing us more work, means that it should be deemed as devil's doings.  This is how I have always viewed it prior to New Year, however as part of my "things I may try to do this year*" I have decided to take a different view of the calls, and rather than see it is a tedious chore, see it as a chance to spend some time with good people, to have some fun and to take the opportunity to make some connections in this remote organisation within which I work.  So far, this is going pretty well.

The only other thing of note for today is that I have my annual appraisal.  This is a big event for any person working in Starfleet, although in reality all the hard work was done last year, both in terms of the things I did and my reporting of them, and also my manager's assessment of the results.  This is therefore a small piece of Pantomime where we discuss how I think my year went, followed by a proclamation of how that contribution was ranked, followed by the slightly more useful discussion as to what the year holds and what things I should be looking to take on, learn or get experience of to maintain the upward development of my career, and indeed my career outlook.  i.e. keep ahead of the pack so that you are not the one the lion catches, if you get my meaning.

Otherwise, this will be a day that will be important as it is passing, but soon forgotten in the annuls of history.

I hope your annuls are going well.

* i.e. most definitely not resolutions

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