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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Something new

The something new in question is me blogging on a Saturday.  As I am sure you know, I tend to blog three to four times a week, occasionally more, and sometimes less, but there or there abouts.  There is no real reason for this; empirical evidence points to a combination of me not having that much to say and a bit of busyness and wotnot*.

Anyhow, I am on the laptop researching shower panels* and, in the best tradition of "male doing task at weekend", this soon nested in to me sending a quick email, and whilst doing that having an enforced reboot inflicted on me, followed by a quick tidy up of my desktop.  Whilst rebooting I went to make a cuppa, needed a pee, then found the toilet rolls needed putting away and while doing that I stumbled on the Araldite I had been looking for earlier in the week.  Anyhow, I finally got to an open browser*** and couldn't resist checking out Golfy and Bad Man and Gorse Fox to see what they have been up to**** and then, drawn like a moth to a flame, like a bee to a honey pot***** or flies to ... well you get the drift ... I ended up on my own blog.  Why not write a page today, I thought.  And here I am.  Having spent around 260 words to tell you why I am blogging, I have pretty much run out of things to say.

Only thing of note was that poor old Maggot 2 had a bout of vomiting last night.  It started with a bit of tummy ache and a lack of appetite for tea, ending in him limping up to LO, who was having a bath, to say he was not well and then be sick on the floor.  We camped him out on the sofa with duvet and bowl, and he was sick three more times, so we put him up on the camp bed in our room where he had one small bout, only to sleep like a baby.  This morning he seems back to full strength, and has had so far two glasses of apple juice with no negative reaction, so next step is some breakfast and, hopefully, back to the little Maggot we know and love.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

* Now that's what I call heavy-weight scientific analysis
** a potential alternative to tiles, and alternative I wish to research and understand having just spent way too long cleaning grout at the end of the process of decorating and generally tidying up our existing bathroom
*** Chrome, if you are interested, and very happy with it I am
**** Not a lot by all accounts, ha ha
***** Everyone knows that bees visit flowers to make honey and, as a rule, do not much car for the end product.  That role is reserved for wasps, an insect which I am sure that even Mother Nature sometimes wonders "Now why did I make those?"

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