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Friday, 6 January 2012

And . . . (don't) relax

While I find myself conveniently at Friday, for this week, and maybe this week only, the last think I need to do is relax.  I had eleven days of that over Christmas, and look where that got me.  This week has been as hard a week as I can remember*, and getting up to speed with real life has been hard.  It may even be true to say that while the rest of the world is cruising in fifth, I am only just moving up in to third gear and to be honest looking for the next service station so I can pull over for a quick power nap, in fact it may even be just a normal nap, which as any budding Sunday afternoon nap expert will tell you revolves around contorting the body in to an infeasible position and placing one's mouth in the open position, at a slight angle to ensure that the dribble comes out only one side of the mouth**.

So, this Friday finds me looking forward to a couple of days off.  We have a big surprise party on Saturday***, and I do plan to re-decorate the main bathroom, so it will be busy but relaxed, with a bit of over-indulgence in the middle.

One final note.  I saw this on the BBC News website, and it did amuse me.  I assume they polled the men as they left the pub since it looked like the sort of non-article that make all the better reading for being so.  I was amused by the comment in

the article:

  • The study compiled from the results of the survey found that 80% of men who responded engaged regularly in conversation about one another's bodies.
Now titter ye not and all that, but I have to admit this did raise an eyebrow.

I hope your weekend finds the correct balance of ingredients to bake a perfect two-day break.

* although, it should be said that the limit of memory may well be limited, a combination of age and mince pie poisoning.
** We all know that you can tell when an idiot is on level ground, because the dribbles comes out evenly each side of their mouth.
***  One may question the logic of broadcasting a surprise on the internet, however one may also want to check how many people read this Blog, since that mitigates the majority of the risk.

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