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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

On a call

I am on a call, a virtual place on which I spend an inordinately large amount of time.  This one is slightly different in that it is presentation and voice through a browser.  One guy could really do with taking the well-worn advice "back off the mic" because he is rather shouting and his voice is most definitely distorting like only an illegal rave DJ can normally manage.

The content of the presentation is about the coming year.  It is full of bravado* and oodles of numbers, and plenty of discussion on revenue this, GP that and underlying cost base the other.  To be honest, they wash over me a bit like whale music during a massage, and my mind starts to wander towards what it is like working at their level, where their whole business life is about the numbers, which presumably means reviews with their reportees, spreadsheets and worrying about a 0.1% variance in the wotsit.  I guess there must be pleasure in what they do, maybe the power, the money, the career aspirations, but boy oh boy, it seems like a pretty grim existence to me.  Which is probably why I am where I am, and they are where they are.  And on that note, sounds like the Maggots are back from football practice, so better go see what they have been up to today.  This usually goes something along the lines of "So, what did you do today at school?".  "Nothing," they reply.  Sounds a lot like my day.  Boom boom.

* I am myself a positive person, and as a rule I convey positivity in most of what I do, however I also tend to wither slightly inside when in the presence of too much positivity.  Do these people every roll over and think "sod it, gonna take a duvet day"?  

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