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Friday, 9 March 2012

And . . . relax

Two days after the Rusty Rackets and I am still aching like I have fallen out of the beautiful tree and hit every branch on the way down.  I can definitely vouch for the Rusty bit.

What I need is a lovely weekend at home, nothing too much to do other than the usual routine stuff, and a chance to just potter, or maybe even just sit.  Apart from a poetry competition in which Maggot 1 is performing, the weekend is planning to be just that.

Oh, other than David and Samantha coming over Saturday afternoon and evening.  In fairness, they plan to come earlier than usual and leave at around 9ish, so it won't be a late boozy night, which were there a doctor on the scene, would definitely be something he would order.

I may not even have any DIY to do, but I will probably start a bit of a non-specific and non time-bound activity to make our garden fit for summer and human habitation.  I either have to build the fort I have been promising for 2 years or look to find a home for the old decking wood, and I need to start tidying up mess, and probably also prune the apple tree, and start to prepare the lawn, at least what is left of it after a heavy winter season of football, and think about moving the remnants of the fire wood that has killed off one corner of the lawn.  In short, I need to try and turn Armageddon in to something that vaguely resembles a garden.

I hope your green fingers are as occupied as mine this weekend.

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