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Monday, 12 March 2012

Early start

Up early with a wriggly Maggot 2.  He had tried to stay in his bed until 6am.  And failed.  He tried to lie quietly and still in our bed.  And failed.  He tried not to talk about the day and the upcoming 2 slices of brioche bread.  And failed.  I tried to ignore him for a bit.  And succeeded.  I then gave in and got up to furnish the little chap with those items of digestables to which he had earlier referenced.

I am now catching up on work email with a cup of tea on the side, slowly getting cold.  I am anticipating nothing of interest to happen today, so will just doggedly do my work, and patiently wait for time to pass.

Actually, that all sounds a bit negative and not my usual chipper self, so I guess I need my morning shower, a rub down with a loofah and the application of my body creams impregnated with happy juice.

This week will gently flow and there are no nasty bumps expected.  I do have a visit from a new team member from Poland Tuesday to Thursday, so there will be a bunch of inductions and pressing the flesh to get the new chap up to speed.  To be honest, his newness to the role is a bit of a drag.  Not that I can be choosy, since my demand for resources is far out-stripping the supply from my competency, so the only available resources are new to the role, new to our customer and often new to Starfleet.  That equates to a very steep learning curve, one might even say vertical.  In fact, if you have ever seen indoor rock climbing competitions then the learning curve is like that upside down bit that only those cross-bred with flies can traverse.  Nevertheless, induct I must and the sooner I can get him up to speed and doing useful work, the sooner the output of my team will increase, and the sooner the vast backlog can start to be cleared.

In fact, in terms of clearing the backlog, I have done some projections that suggest I need a further five members of the team - and they need to be experienced troopers able to "hit the ground running" - and that number is exceeding the supply by some considerable quantity, in fact taking in to account the fact that they really need to have experience, it is fair to say that the supply issue has just been made worse by an order of magnitude.  Anyhow, I am just a player in what I think it is fair to say is "the resourcing farce" and I need to play my role by calling out what I need, and then allow others to fail in supplying them.

I hope your day similarly flows.

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