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Monday, 19 March 2012

What a weekend

Maggot 2 ended up in A&E in Friday evening with a continuous cough and a temperature over forty centigrade.  The on-duty doctor was very concerned, and wrote out prescriptions for steroids and antibiotics, the former to break the coughing spasm lest the poor little cock ended up exhausted and in close down, the latter for the tonsillitis that he has also picked up.  Such is the magic of drugs that his improvement was clear to see within twenty four hours.  In fact he may be back to school tomorrow.

I myself have had a few problems as well.  After tennis Wednesday, I awoke Thursday with a bad pain in my shoulder.  This would naturally just go away all by itself.  Thursday night/Friday morning I spent predominantly sleeping in the downstairs armchair, as the only comfortable place I could find to sleep a bit.  Ditto Friday evening, so on Saturday morning early I also went down to A&E, and spent a pleasant two and a half hours waiting for x-ray and follow up inspection, where I was diagnosed with a level 1 separation of the shoulder joint.

Again, the magic of drugs, in my case anti-inflammatory and pain-killers, and I am like a new man.  I still cannot play the violin, but at least I am able to drive.  This has meant that I have been able to attend the customer office today, and have two further days in the office this week.

Next stage is to get some physiotherapy on the shoulder, and I shall wait a bit before I then turn to my private health insurance to provide the service.

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