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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Illness is stalking us

Maggot 1 can down after bedtime to inform us that Maggot 2 was "having a funny", which is what we call the hallucinations he gets when he has a temperature from a fever.  His glands are now up and he has a headache and sore throat.

This has meant I have had to rearrange my day.  LO has to be at work Thurs/Fri so I am now working at home, keeping an eye on the patient.  This means I am at the kitchen table rather than my office, so am lacking the usual palatial elegance and services to which a chap has become accustomed.  I do have the beautiful new extension in which to sit, so not all bad.

Other than that, the new guy is settling in and I am having to go through the same education and discussions with him to get him up to the speed needed for him to do his job.  This is made less bad by the fact that, due to the resources taken from my team in January, I am in the same pickle now as when I was when the new chap's predecessor started.  I guess I am featuring in my very own Groundhog Day.  Yay.

Rusty Rackets last night was great fun, although I have done something to my playing shoulder that came on during sleep, so I am hoping that it is not my aged body screaming at me to desist from the madness, but rather the unfortunate combination of tennis and a dodgy sleeping position.  If it is the former, then boo hoo coz I am really enjoying playing; if the latter, then "she'll be right" tomorrow.  I have to say that I had warned myself to expect some aches and some pains in places that I neither know I had nor where the sun usually shines, but the level of these are exceeding predictions.  To say I am hobbling around the house like an old man is taking it too far, but LO did give me that funny look today as she left for work.

I feel a charm offensive coming on, and when it comes to charm, no-one can be more offensive than me.

If you could just pass me the Raljex then I shall be in a position to bid you farewell.  Until next time.

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