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Friday, 2 March 2012

And . . . relax

I don't know about you, but I am liking the way the days are starting to draw out, the warmer temperatures that are appearing, if not all over the UK map, at least in the southern regions.  I have noticed the odd bud appearing on the flora, and the odd skip in the step with the fauna.  All in all, there is a sense that while the world's economics remains flat at best, and sinking at worst, at least Mother Nature is doing her thing when she should be doing it.

This weekend looks like being a bit of a lads weekend.  LO has waxing (don't ask) and will probably spend most of her day on college work (swot), so it will be me and the lads doing swimming for Maggot 2, followed by an afternoon football tournament for Maggot 1 with the cubs.  I have manfully volunteered to assist, which may mean anything from nothing to refereeing a match, with a bit of cat-herding in between.  Maggot 2 is coming too, and I hope that he can contribute in some way, whether by running the line, or maybe taking the bungs.  Both he and I will take our boots "just in case we are needed".

Once that is over, it will be back for a cup of tea and a slice of cake, and quite possibly a little nap for the elder members of the lads' club.  Then in the evening we have a 50th birthday party, with a "hippy" theme.  I did try to suggest to LO she has hips enough already, but selective deafness led her to eBay and the purchase of a hippy wig with tinted heart-shaped sunglasses.  My outfit is based completely on items I have found in our "dressing up box", which we keep in the loft to ensure that it is slightly damp with a faint odour of eau-de-mould.  I will be wearing flares and an old leather, likely with a stupid hat (that I actually did originally buy for normal wear) and some beads or something.  I believe that in such situations, a token gesture usually gets you through the door, and within the hour everyone has either swapped their items or are naked*, so it doesn't really matter any more.

I hope you too have a groovy and love-filled weekend man.

* Humour of course has no respect for the truth

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brad-ulina said...

I am sorry i missed the 2nd anniversary of your blog