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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

And . . . relax

I was so relaxed that I didn't get round to blogging until Tuesday.  I had Friday afternoon and Monday off, and a lovely time I had as well.

Friday afternoon I watched the rest of Inglorious Basterds which, despite me agreeing with Mark Kermode that Tarantino does fantastic set pieces, but never stitches them together in to a cohesive film, I thought was rather marvellous.

Saturday was spent in pursuit of Maggot 1's birthday, which was mountain boarding followed by Pizza Hut.  Mountain boarding was "awesome dude" and we had a fantastic couple of hours.  The sun shone and the boys (the Maggots plus four of Maggot 1's friends) thoroughly enjoyed the morning.  The only negative was that LO turned her knee on her first descent* and had to sit out the rest of the session.  And spent the following three days limping as well.

Monday say LO and I shopping in Brighton.  Another lovely sunny day and a fantastic day out, with a lovely meal in the middle.

I am now back from 1.5 days off, to an Inbox that would suggest a week or more absence.  i.e. back to work with a bump.

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